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Whether you’re an experienced healthcare travel professional or just getting started, we offer courses to set you up for success.

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Enhanced Employability

Stand out to employers with a prestigious certification that demonstrates your expertise and dedication.

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Career Advancement

Open doors to new opportunities and higher earning potential in the dynamic field of healthcare travel.

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Professional Development

Access valuable resources and support to continually grow and advance in your career with confidence.


Our Courses

Healthcare Traveler Certification Course
(Expert Level)

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Are you seeking:

  • A pathway to distinguish yourself in a competitive market by acquiring recognized certifications?
  • Validation and recognition of your advanced skills and experience?
  • Assistance in showcasing specialized expertise in the healthcare travel industry?
  • Support in staying current with industry standards and best practices?
  • A means to bolster professional credibility and unlock career advancement opportunities through certifications?

Our Healthcare Traveler Certification Course is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of experienced healthcare travel professionals like you.

Learn More About the Certification Course

Healthcare Traveler Verification Course
(Entry Level)

Do you struggle with:

  • Lack of clarity on qualifications needed to kickstart your career in healthcare traveling?
  • Difficulty understanding the legal and logistical aspects of working on the go?
  • Limited access to reliable resources for grasping the basics of healthcare traveling?
  • Not sure how to begin your journey in the industry?
  • Seeking guidance on navigating the industry?
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Introducing our Healthcare Traveler Verification Course, designed to support beginners in the healthcare travel field. Coming soon—course launch is scheduled for the end of August, 2024!

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Started by a Travel Nurse

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Co-Founders Le and Candy

As a former travel nurse with nearly two decades experience in the industry, our founder Candy understands the highs and lows of life on the move as a healthcare travel professional. Living out of a suitcase, navigating temporary housing, and finding a community — she’s been there!

Candy turned her own challenges into expertise and has spent over a decade supporting and educating healthcare travelers in various capacities. Now, she has teamed up with fellow travel enthusiast Le to create Healthcare Traveler Academy with the goal of empowering you in your healthcare travel career. We’ve walked the walk, so let us guide you on your journey!

Explore our About page to learn more about our story and expertise.

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How It Works

Number 1.

Choose the Course That’s Right for You

Take a look at our offerings and enroll in the course that best suits your qualifications.

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Start Learning

Start learning at your own pace using our comprehensive resources. You’ll have access to ongoing support from our team at every step of the way.

Number 3.

Get Your Certification

Once your credentials have been verified and you have completed all coursework, you may take the final exam and receive your certification.

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Achieve Your Goals

With your newfound knowledge and confidence, achieve your career goals and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of life as a healthcare traveler.

Ready to embark on your journey to success in healthcare travel? Take the first step towards achieving your career goals.

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